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The true origins of any of us or our ideas is the  subject of many mystics and scientists throughout the ages.  This is a snippet of how my story has influenced the development of InSpired Focus …. 

Can you dig it?

My degrees in Biology, Theology, and Psychology (along with numerous mentors) have informed and shaped me and ​InSpired Focus.  My vision is to use psychological language and  understanding mixed with creative play and reflection to help bridge cultural and ideological divides to help build a more compassionately fair world  I hope you will join me in this cosmic game of love!   



Mom’s New Years parties, YMCA  mentors, and canoe trips with Dad led me to be the play leader, adventurer, and athlete I have become.  From early experiences and many marathons and sports, play and sport metaphors have been so very inspiring in my life.  See endorsements for my "playshops".

My submarine...


Shootin' the rapids

Runnin' with the big dogs!

InSpired Focus...

was born while I was teaching baby swim classes

when a mom asked me about “rough ol’ dad” taking the lead with their baby next week.
It was then that I had a vision of  mixing recreation and sport with psychotherapy

to help healing, growth, and strengthening

within and among people

of all ages.

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