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For info or sign-ups...

  • SPECIFY what info, event, or service you want (see Events and Meetup for schedule)
  • Though optional, sharing a cell phone number aids in details and last minute logistics
  • Be sure to click "SUBMIT"
  • Consider joining the InSpired Focus Meetup to encourage others there to join in on events; go to https://www.meetup.com/InSpired-Focus-Playshops-and-Retreats/      OR Google "InSpired Focus Meetup"

Some events are FREE
​but if payment is involved...

  • Cash or check is OK; to lock in an RSVP use PayPal as described below (refunds given if cancelled) 
  • With counseling services cash or check is preferred; otherwise you may use PayPal

Whether you have a PayPal account OR NOT just...

  • click the "Buy Now" PayPal button below
  • enter the price of the event or service
  • on the next screen look for the button for using a debit or credit card at the bottom of the screen  (under the "Use PayPal" button)
  • enter card information and submit
  • PayPal's help number is (888) 221-1161 

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