I work with...​​

​...individual, couples, and families (LBGTQ-friendly) on...
    ​     * Relationship and family difficulties

         * Anger management

         *  Anxiety and depression
​         *  Religious-spiritual issues

         *  Addictions

         *  And much more

Stress-management the fun way...
​an "Adult Play Therapy Group"!

Play is how we learned and formed relationships as kids.  Unfortunately, the games our families played were not always very healthy.  This group helps you to find new healthy games with "families" old and new.  It uses techniques found in "playshops" (try one) but at deeper levels of interaction with the guided safety of a therapist.  Groups are forming...call now to save your spot!

I help you to notice
and make sense of your feelings...

​...and the stories which go with them early in ways which help you to make wiser and more loving decisions in your life...and to communicate those discoveries well with others.   For a more detailed overview of my approach see my  

Free phone consultation!  310.469.1586

Free phone consultation!

Text/call   310.469.1586


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