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My office  in Downtown Los Angeles is at...

Biltmore Court (in same building as Millenium Biltmore Hotel BUT separate entrance)
520 South Grand Ave., Suite 680
Los Angeles, CA 90071


Text/call   310.469.1586

DIRECTIONS TO SUITE 680:  Biltmore Court is part of the Millenium Biltmore Hotel building BUT it is a separate part of the building.  It has a separate entrance (to the right and down the street of where cars enter for the hotel; do not enter the drop off or hotel lobby).   The entrance has “Biltmore Court” on the doors and a “520” over them  (just to the right of the foreign currency exchange office).  Upon entering the Biltmore Court entrance, you’ll need to give your name to the security person who will escort you to the elevator.  At the 6th floor turn right and go down the hall to suite 680 on your right near the end of the hall.  Have a seat in the waiting room and text me at 310.469.1586 and I’ll come out for you (if you have no cell just turn on the light beside my name).  Don't hesitate to text or call if you're having difficulties.

PARKING:  Street parking is virtually non-existent and garages/lots can be expensive ($16 to $20 at least) BUT if you have a city library card you may get your parking ticket validated if you park at the ABM parking garage at 524 South Flower (a down ramp off of Flower) where you get the first hour for a $1 and $4 more for each subsequent hour (after 3 p.m. it is $1 per extra hour).  Ask attendants to point you to the elevator which exits right next to the Central Library.  The Biltmore is one-half block Southeast of the library’s main entrance (turn right if exiting library; to the left as you face the main entrance while on 5th St).  If you do not have a library card you can get one in about fifteen minutes by looking for the information desk, then get your ticket validated.  You’ll need a credit or debit card to pay as you leave the garage (cash not accepted).