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Creative talks stir new understandings of how we're wired as humans.  A blog and webinar are in the works.

Fun-genda and script for co-leaders or if interested 

We play with ideas!

We play with ideas, we experiment (play) with life, we play with these ideas with each other to find and build our InSpired Focus.  Talks, a blog, and  a webinar are in the works...share what interests you at the Contact and signups page, including topic suggestions for playshops!  

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Kids of all ages

learn through play!
Like when we were kids we learn about life and form relationships through play.  Actual kids help remind us of this.  

            Gary Schapper, M.A., M.Div., Licensed Marriage Family Therapist (MFC 52939)                    

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Free phone consultation!

We play with each other!

A playshop (playful workshop) uses interactive play and creative reflection to embody what psychology is suggesting to us about being better human beings. Some playshops emphasize learning mindfulness while some deal with important life and world issues. All play and reflective sharing is explained beforehand and is optional.  See what folks are saying about playshops!

Retreats dig into a topic more deeply over 1-3 days, using the same methods as in playshops.  Sports and outdoor adventures put your use of thefour skills learned in playshops  to the test with plenty of fun sportaphors to process together!