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​​​For religious groups...

​I use psychological understanding and language along with my Masters degree in Theology to help deepen a faith group's understanding of their own religion and, when desired,  I use them as a bridge between different faith groups in their teamwork for building a better world team!

​​From indoors to outdoors,
I tailor training to your needs!

​As someone who inspired and prepared teens for a ropes course and has had  
my own share of such experiences, i am ready to tailor training to meet your group's needs.  I offer free consultation in creating our event together.

​​I challenge your team...

​...within and with each other! Whatever your organization (civic, corporate, or religious) I use my clinical and sport psychology training and experience with counseling families to help you and your team members to be more creative and inspired in your focus apart and together. 
FOUR LIFE-SKILLS are used along with techniques seen on the PLAYful Learning and SPORT Psychology pages to challenge your team in building it's InSpired Focus.​

​​Building better teams... 

...starts within. We all have inner teams.  Each link in a team is important.  Each link must learn to be aware of inner feeling-stories and communicating well within before improving communications with others. 

Cooperative competition on level playing fields

builds stronger individuals and a stronger world!

Free phone consultation!